Monday, December 13, 2010

Are Holiday Emotions Bringing You Down?

The holidays re a time of joy for many – and a time of stress and overwhelming negative emotions for many others.

This year, with the job losses and overall economic chaos, an emotion that is taking center stage for thousands of Americans is jealousy.

Are you one of those who is suffering from this painful emotion?

Do you look at people planning trips to visit family over the holidays and feel jealous, angry, and hurt because you can’t afford to go anywhere?

Are you looking at the ads for fabulous gifts that you’d love to buy for the people you love – and feeling awful because you simply can’t afford to do it? Is it making you feel bitter and angry?

If you lost your home to the mortgage meltdown, you may be living in smaller accommodations and feeling jealous of those who have the space for a huge tree while you’re stuck with a table model.

Of course, money isn’t the only reason to feel jealous right now. If your kids are grown and gone and live far away – or if you never had children – you might be feeling jealous of people who will be setting a huge table for children, or for children, spouses, and grand-children.

If you’ve lost a spouse you may be feeling jealous of happily married friends.

Everyone has felt jealousy at some time or another in their lives, and it is truly debilitating. It casts a dark shadow over everything you do and say and sucks the joy right out of living.

Holly is the Bach Flower Remedy to free you of this crippling emotion.

Once in a positive Holly state, you will be able to take pleasure in other people’s achievements, possessions, and joys, even if you don’t have everything in life that you want. You’ll live in a state of inner harmony, free of the turmoil that comes with jealousy.

Come to Flower Bach to read more about Holly and its connection to the loving feelings that will free you from the pain of jealousy.

If you think your "down" feelings at the holiday season may be a combination of jealousy and other emotions, do visit FeelBach! and take the questionnaire. it will help you to identify the Bach Flower Essences that will help get you back on track - so you can greet the new year with happiness and hope.

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