Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Use Bach Flower Essences

This question comes around every now and then, because some people think there must be a better, faster way to bring about change with Bach Flower Remedies.

The truth is, Bach Flower Essences work in harmony with your body - bringing about changes just as fast as they are supposed to. Formulas such as Feel5ive work almost instantly to relieve the stress of the moment. But if you've spent years in a chronic state of doubt about your abilities, it might take a little while for the flower essence Larch to bring you back into balance.

You should take 2-4 drops of your flower essence or your formula about 4 times per day. You can take it as drops directly under the tongue, or put it in a glass of water to drink.

What you should NOT do is decide to inject flower essences. This will not speed the action, and in fact could be detrimental. Injections are invasive and totally alien to the way Bach Flower Remedies work.

One thing you need never worry about with Bach Flower Essences is the possibility of overdose or the possibility of adverse reactions when taking prescription drugs. No such occurrences have ever been reported. Bach Flowers are safe for infants, the elderly, pregnant ladies, those with serious diseases, and of course - your pets.

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