Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting into the holiday spirit

Are you having a tough time this year getting into the spirit of the season?

I sure am - and it's all because of Mother Nature. We have no snow, and I never feel like it's Christmas unless I can see colored lights through a veil of falling snow.

Silly, isn't it?

But, in spite of that, we made the annual trek out into the forest today to find a tree. Now I just have to move furniture and do a little cleaning so it can come in the house. Then the smell of a a fir tree and the colored lights should do something to remind me of the season.

But what if you can't go cut a tree? I checked out the lot in town, and a 7' tree was $49 - plus tax. My guess is that in places farther from the tree farms, they cost even more. That makes it tough for families who have been hit by the economic crisis.

So, maybe they're using artificial trees. They're still spendy, but at least you only purchase them once.

The problem is, they have no aroma of pine or fir to stir the holiday spirit.

We had an email this week from someone who has written a great article on just what to do about that, and so decided to share it with you.

Bach Flower Essences can further your holiday spirit by allowing you to free yourself from hurtful emotional baggage, and then just enjoy the season, but if you need "tree scent" in a treeless home, check out this article.

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