Sunday, October 25, 2009

When You Want to Stop Smoking...

It seems like nearly everyone who smokes wishes they didn't, but how to quit?

There's a prescription drug called Chantix that many say is the cure. But, prescription drugs come with side-effects, and some of them are pretty awful.

I read about one man who went into such a deep depression that nothing seemed to help. He went to emergency rooms and mental health clinics, but to no avail. His doctor finally put him on an anti-depressant medication, but it wasn't really helping either. This man, who had been happy to quit smoking at last, told his daughter that he didn't think he would ever be happy again.

His doctor didn't want to believe that the prescription caused the depression, but the side-effects are listed for all to see. They include depression, thoughts of suicide, and bizarre behavior. That’s while you’re taking it – and withdrawal symptoms can be just as bad.

The "bizarre behavior" seems to include violence. I've read reports of people becoming extremely violent, even with those they dearly love. This effect is intensified by alcohol, so if you take the drug, beware of drinking.

So what is a better, safer way to quit?

FeelBach! offers a Bach flower essences formula called Quit Smoking.

While nicotine is physically addictive, behaviors can be emotionally addictive.
As a result, strong ties to the past and an image of "who you are" can render prescription remedies useless. If you really want to quit, Quit Smoking will balance your system and help you overcome both the chemical and the emotional sides of addiction.

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