Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are Your Pets Afraid of Thunder?

The last few days have been noisy around here - between the wind, the hail pelting against the windows, and the thunder.

Fortunately, my 3 dogs don't come completely unglued. Ralph just lays there and looks at the others like he can't figure out what's wrong with them, while Suzie and Pepper rush to sit as near my feet as possible.

Sometimes when a storm starts while I'm cooking dinner it's a trial, because every time I take a step I trip over someone. But at least they aren't hiding in a corner, shaking, or trying to run somewhere to get away from it.

Still, when I see them getting nervous like that, I give them a dose of Thunderstorms, from Feel Bach!, because there's no sense in letting them be upset when the cure is so simple.

If your dogs - or cats - get upset over thunderstorms, they need it too. And if other thunder-like noise frightens them, you should be sure to have a bottle on hand before the 4th of July brings the noise of fireworks.

When I worked in animal rescue, the week after the 4th was a nightmare. Some people were calling looking for lost pets while others were calling to report found pets. Sadly, I know a few whose dogs ran so far that they were never found.

If your pet is frightened, be kind, order Thunderstorms today and ease those fears.

Bach flower essences are a remedy you can use without fear, even if your dog is on medication. There are no side effects, no drug interactions, and it's impossible to overdose.

Enjoy Spring and Summer this year, knowing that your precious pets can enjoy it too - even on noisy days.

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