Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are you feeling "Burned out?" Banish that feeling with Bach Flower Remedies

Do the words "burned out" ring a bell with you?

I used to feel irritated by them - because so often the people who told me they were "burned out" were those who appeared to be doing far less in their personal and professional lives that others who maintained their energy and production levels.

Truthfully, I thought they were just using that as an excuse for laziness.

Now that I know more about how our energies work, and how an imbalance can wreak havoc with even the most ambitious person, I have the compassion I should have had then. I also now know what to do about it!

First, let me say that I know some people do need a change. They've done the same job or been overburdened with responsibility for so long that they need a physical break - a change of scenery and pace. But when those feelings bring on an energy imbalance, they can't even see the physical way out... they're stuck!

The Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam can come to the rescue! Hornbeam removes negative feelings, lifts energy lefts and dissipates the lethargy that creates Monday Morning Blues. It helps bring enthusiasm and passion back so we can do our work well while we seek needed change.

Sometimes other emotional blocks add to the problem. For instance, a person with too many responsibilities may be unable to sort out their thoughts and reach decisions about the future. Elm nurtures a sound mind and decision-making skills.

Others have felt the "burn out" for so long that their performance has suffered - making them label themselves "loser." Gorse will combat that feeling and renew the self-confidence necessary to make positive changes.

If you're suffering from burn out - or from any emotional imbalance that hampers your personal joy or professional success, visit FeelBach! and choose the Bach Flower Remedies that can restore your natural vitality.

You can either read the descriptions and choose your own blend, or take the questionnaire and let the Feel Bach experts create the solution that's right for you.

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