Sunday, January 04, 2009

Clearing your household energy

You know that Bach Flower Essences will help clear and balance the energy in your system, but what about the energy in your house?

If you're living in a house filled with stagnant energy, you can and should clear it out. Otherwise, you're giving your Bach Flower Remedies more work than they need by re-introducing stress each time you return home.

You may know about Feng Shui - the Chinese art of placement that helps bring positive energies to your home. I won't get into where to place what - that's a subject for an entire book. But one of the foundations of Feng Shui is getting rid of clutter.

When you have corners in your home filled with unused "stuff" the energy gets clogged there and cannot flow easily through the house. So start there.

Look behind doors, in corners, and in closets - and clear out the things you aren't using. Or... put them where they belong. If you have good things that you know you'll never use, donate them to a non-profit organization that will recycle them toward someone who will use them. Doing that will feel good on two fronts - clearing your house and doing good for someone else.

If the thought of parting with anything brings you distress, take the FeelBach! questionnaire and get the right flower essences to help you let go and move into the fresh new year.

You'll be amazed at the feeling of freedom you'll have when you clear the clutter!

Happy New Year!

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Irene said...

all that i know.... but i don´t find the inner capability to get rid of the clutter!!! help!!!